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#Melanin #WarOnMelanin 

you know, LOTS AND LOTS of famous filipino actors and actresses are HALF filipino. like half australian or half spanish. Think of all the people who watch the movies and shows and other media they put out. What do you think that says to the people in this country? and this is within the philippines itself. I couldnt even BELIEVE the amount of advertising for skin lightening treatments and products, i was so shocked! my own cousin WHO IS 12, gets called racial slurs because shes darker skinned. And her family is really well off and well educated but that clearly doesnt matter when light skin is better

These are european beauty standards, WHO do you think brought this over? WHO do you think keeps it going for capitalistic gain?

This hurts my heart.

Gisele bundchen would have been good for the Brazil one but good post either way considering Lima has been whitewashed by VS over the years.

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